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the magic of words

Stories all around us

Stories are everywhere around us and within us. They are a part of our everyday life. Do you think you don't tell stories everyday? Well, how about when you told your partner what happened to you at work, or your colleague about your weekend adventure, or your child about something that happened to you before they were born. Or maybe you told a bedtime story to them.

These are all stories. And why not learn English through them?

In my lessons I use a mixture of traditional stories, myths, legends as well as personal stories. Learning grammar and new vocabulary through stories is a fun and creative way to practise your English and develop your storytelling skills. Learning through storytelling is ideal for those who want to boost their confidence in public speaking but also for younger learners whose creative minds are buzzing with ideas. I try and incorporate musical instruments into my lessons as well as encouraging students to move a little during the session too.

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Story HUnters
príbehom na stope

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I am also a member of the storytelling group Story Hunters based in Slovakia. We perform at various events and organise storytelling festivals. To learn more about us, please visit our website.

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