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English through Storytelling

Learn English through the magic of stories

Service Description

Now, you may ask...what even is storytelling? It's just what it says - telling stories. We do this everyday, not only with children but we also tell stories to our partners, colleagues and family members about how our day was or what happened in the supermarket car park! In this lesson, we look at traditional stories, myths as well as personal stories (if you like) and learn English this way. How it works There are several formats I use but it normally goes like this: At the beginning of the lesson I will pre-teach some vocabulary/grammar to give us a good start. I will then tell you a story! Testing your listening skills, you will then repeat the story (with my help if needed). In between we will do some fun exercises to help you remember the target grammar and vocabulary. Sounds more complicated than it is, try and give it a go! To book, please email me at or through the form at the bottom of the page. Payment and Cancellation policy Paid upfront DNA (did not attend) - I charge full price Same day cancellation - I charge 50% of the lesson price

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Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, UK

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